Why The Move To Worship Winds?

If you’re here, you’ve probably clicked on the link from TameTheSax.com and you’re curious why I am moving my site from TameTheSax to make it part of WorshipWinds.com.

The reason for the move is that I think each of us has a unique flavor and focus to bring to the world. My passion is to help people become better musicians. But I want the focus and the end-goal to be to help people who are interested in becoming better musicians to be able to worship God better on their instruments as a result of becoming better players.

Worship Winds is my (small) contribution to helping the Church become a better worshipping community and for Christian musicians to become better at leading people into the presence of the Lord.

The site is still about learning to play better on your wind instrument. But it is also done this way in the hope of building a community of Christian musicians who can encourage each other and showcase their unique talents and ablities.

I’m aiming to build a community of believers here.

If you came here from TameTheSax.com, feel free to sign up (again – sorry – tried to move your membership from there to here but it didn’t work).

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