Why Join Worship Winds?

There are all kinds of music tutorial sites out there – including many good sites for learning to play sax, clarinet, flute, trumpet and other wind instruments.

But I’m hoping this site can be DIFFERENT: different enough that you’ll see the value of joining with me on a journey of developing a resource community of wind instrument players who love the Lord and want to use their gifts to make a difference in this world.

If you’re here, you’re probably part of a community – a “tribe,” so to speak, of like-minded people. If you have a passion to learn to play well and find others who love to worship the Lord in song on your instrument, then I’m hoping you’ll join in here.

I’m looking to connect musicians who love the Lord and want to learn to praise and worship better on their wind instruments.

Perhaps you’re gifted and well-equipped already; perhaps you are part of the group of people out there might want to become part of a community where you can pour some of your talents and abilities into others.

It’s all new here.