The Technical Side

The technical side - where we look at doing what we need to do to develop technical excellence on our instruments to better lead people into worhsip.

If you've been playing jazz or blues for any length of time, you're probably familiar with Jamey Aebersold.​ Jamey is the father of the playalong CDFor those (Click for more...)

If you've been playing ​sax for any length of time, you've probably tried different ligatures for your saxophone.Some of us have spent years pursuing (Click for more...)

Rehearsing your instrument slowly has its own rewards.It's pretty much any sax player's wish that he or she could pick up the sax and (Click for more...)

Your lip is a muscle. And understanding the physiology of that muscle can help you play better - and longer.In another post, I wrote (Click for more...)

If you're new to playing the saxophone or you don't have a lot of experience under your belt yet, you might have the "luxury" (Click for more...)

Some thoughts on muscle memory, and the importance of accuracy in practice.When you practice a physical motion with your body, the body tends to (Click for more...)

Note: If you've subscribed to the website and logged in, you can gain access to the free exercise download HERE...  And if not, please join (Click for more...)

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try to figure out where to start down a road to getting to where you want to go. (Click for more...)

Have you ever had one of those moments where you saw something, and then, once you did, it was all you saw?I remember once (Click for more...)

Years ago, I took some lessons from a guy named Steve Woods. He was a music professor at a community college in the metropolitan (Click for more...)

In the "members section" of the site, I link to a video where I describe something called "muscle memory," and how, for good or (Click for more...)

There is a bit of a step between bad and good. Learning the basics of something makes you better.  The difference between good and (Click for more...)