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  • Hi Jamie
    Curious thing, coming across yr website. I’m glad I did. Thanks for putting it up, this started this year then?! I had a faint idea or plan that I could I day be good enough to play for Him!

    May I ask for your 2nd name (or full name), glad to make your acquaintance.

    • Hi Benny.

      My name is Jamie Dech. Glad you find the site helpful. I’ve actually been a little bit “stuck” for quite a while and wasn’t sure whether or not to pursue this website further. I’m thinking of porting these lessons over to another site – with the idea of splitting the technical aspects off from the spiritual focus I was wanting to have here on this site. If you’re curious I did make a CD a while back that is on iTunes, YouTube and the like. Here is a link:

      Then Comes the Night – Jamie Dech

      I’m curious which videos you think are missing. Please let me know. I thought they were all working. Where did you think it dropped off?

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