Uriel Vega

Uriel Vega is a Christian worship artist out of San Diego, California. He plays with a beautiful sound. Check out this one-hour medley of worship sounds from Uriel here. Uriel is a well-established musician with his own website. I particularly enjoy his version of “Days of Elijah,” below. I’ve included it in my “worship standards” pages for … Read more

Caleb Castro

Caleb Castro has just barely started working on his YouTube channel. It looks like he only started last year, and as of this date, he only has about 32 subscribers. I’m hoping to change all that. Listen to the sweet sounds he gets out of his soprano sax on an old favourite! I also linked to … Read more

Asa Bangkulu

Asa Bangkulu has a great channel over at Soundcloud. He’s got a great sound and a great playlist. Check him out. And if you do, let him know you found him here. Thanks.Asa Bengkulu · sax worship

Alexandre Malaquais

I’m not quite sure I can even remember how I stumbled across this gentleman. He’s portugese-speaking, from Brazil. But I heard this song once and I was hooked. He was a guest performer on this song with Paulo Cesar Baruk, another Brazilian Christian artist. Watch this video of Alexandre here. Sense his passion for the Lord … Read more

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