What Worship Winds Is About

This is about worship, and how your unique gifts as a wind instrument player contribute to the building of the kingdom of God through leading people into praise and worship.

There are a lot of horn players out there. But there is only one you. And playing a wind instrument is a unique thing. 

You see, if you walk into the average music store, it is (as you know) filled to the hilt with guitars and keyboards. But sometimes, the wind instrument is the secret sauce that moves people.

And your passion is to play your wind instrument for the glory of God.

The desire here is to develop a resource that inspires and equips wind instrument musicians to find their place and to find their voice.

This one is just brewing right now. But we believe it is a vision we have for a move in the landscape of praise and worship music.

My desire is to build a resource for:

  • teaching people how to lead people into praise and worship with their wind instruments.
  • technical resources to learn to play and practice better.
  • provide backing tracks unique to the needs of wind instrument players
  • a community of Christians passionate about wind instruments being integrated into the fabric of praise and worship and how to do that (ie., how to help a worship team make room for the wind instruments)
  • a showcase and talent pool for those who see the value of the trumpet, the sax, the flute and all the rest in leading people into the presence of The Lord

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